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Beginning of Campus Facilities

Residence Hall Facilities: 1st Floor

Security & Housing Office

Multimedia Lab

#. The multimedia room in Dormitory A.

Chapel, Prayer Rooms

Yonsei University was first founded in 1885 by Christian missionaries to cultivate leaders who would embody the spirit of "truth and freedom", or in the words of John 8:32, "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." The YIC Office of the Chaplaincy offers programs of worship, study and social life as well as opportunities for students of any religion to engage in interfaith dialogue.

Study Room

Woori Bank

* Operating Hours: 9am-4pm

Recreation and Entertainment Room

The Recreation and Entertainment area provides 24-hour access to computers. There are about 50 computers in the Rec area, including a self-diagnosing, user-friendly printer and a photocopy machine. Each black and white print-out will cost 50 won. The Rec room can be found next to the main entrance of dormitory B.

Students also have access to a gaming room, normally available for use from 9 am till 1 am. However, the closing time can be rearranged so that you can play as long as you want. A PlayStation 3 and a Wii are provided. Every hour you play in the game consoling room will cost you 6000 won, while every 10 min you play on the pool tables will cost you 1000 won. The gaming room can be found on the opposite of the Woori Bank in dormitory B. It also provides a vending machine in case you want to grab a drink


Residence Hall Facilities: B1 Floor

On Campus Cafeteria

The cafeteria is located in the basement of Residence Hall A. It is a spacious, well-lit facility with ample room to accommodate students' dining needs and provides three well-balanced meals and light snacks throughout the day.

The cafeteria provides meals at a designated time but the lights in the cafeteria are left on for quite some time into the night, so it is also often used as a meeting place for study groups.


Breakfast: 8:00am~9:00am
Lunch: 11:30am~1:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm~7:00pm

Laundry Room

* Operating Hours: 24hous, everyday
* Fees
- Washer: 1000KRW
- Dryer: 1000KRW
- Detergent & Softener: 500KRW
- Iron: 500KRW (per 5minutes)

 Convenience Store

#. The Student Co-op Convenient Store in the basement of the Underwood Memorial Library.

#. The Student Co-op Café in the basement of the Underwood Memorial Library.

Yonsei Campus Stationary Store

Students can purchase school supplies such as computer paper, pens, highlighters, staplers, binders, etc. Items and souvenirs with the Yonsei logo can also be purchased here.
*Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:50am-7pm

#. The Student Co-op Store in the basement of the Underwood Memorial Library. Everything from Apparel and supplies to books and board games.

Docu-friends (Printing Shop)

Docu-friends is located in the basement of the dorms.

Docu-friends has two basic functions: for purchasing print-outs of assigned readings, as well as for printing and copying materials.

*Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 2:00pm


YIC Sports Facilities

YIC provides facilities for many sporting activities. YIC currently provides more than 5 courts for athletic activities, including soccer, basketball, or squash. The courts and sports facilities are divided into two sections: the outside courts and the indoor courts.

Outdoor Courts

The outdoor courts include the half-sized basketball court, perfect for playing mini basketball matches or simple games like King of the Court. The court next to the half court is the futsal court. It has two goals approximately 7m long and 4m wide. There are also basketball hoops inside the futsal court in case people want to play a small four-on-four full court basketball match. The sidewalks and the whole futsal court are covered by wooden boards to facilitate and make the game more enjoyable.

Next to the futsal court, there is a kick-ball and/or badminton court. The net of this court can be changed to fit both games. In this court, students can also enjoy playing badminton. At the far right, the campus has a full-sized basketball court with official measurements. In this court, it’s enjoyable to play a full five-on-five match, and people usually play King of the Court matches as well. On the far end of the campus, the campus provides students with a full-sized soccer field, and surrounding it there is a track and field track.

Next to the soccer field, there is a seldom used basketball court on the far right. The outside courts are always opened and lights are provided for students who wish to play at night. However, its lights are out at 11pm.

Indoor Courts

The indoor facilities are also available for students to use as they wish. However, the rules are different for these.

#. A corner view of the renovated campus gym on the first floor of Vision Hall.

(1) Squash Courts
There are squash courts on the second floor of the Administration and Student Union Building. Inside this court you must always change your shoes, meaning you should keep the court clean by wearing indoor tennis shoes, which are shoes you only wear inside the location. The rackets and squash balls are provided.

(2) Pilates and Yoga Room
Next to the squash court, there is a Pilates and yoga room. In addition, dancing clubs such as YIC Tumbler and Muak, (the B-boy dancing club) use this room for their dance practices.

(3) Table Tennis Room
Next to the Pilates and yoga room, there is the table tennis room. There are eight table tennis tables with rackets and balls.

(4) Basketball Court
There is a basketball court on the third floor of the Administration and Student Union Building. The indoor basketball court provides a large playing space and the floor is made of wood for comfort. The rims and the court have official dimensions and measurements. However, you must keep in mind that you must first get a permission slip to use the facilities and the equipment during non-class hours. In order to get a permission slip, you must visit the Administrative Office on the fourth floor of the Administration and Student Union Building.

(5) Shower and Changing Room
Also, next to the table tennis room, there is the shower and a changing room for students to freshen up after their workouts.

End of Campus Facilities

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