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Beginning of Accommodation

  The Summer@UIC program is located at the Yonsei International Campus (YIC) in Songdo, Incheon; only thirty minutes from the Incheon International Airport. Students reside at the International Campus Residence Hall, which is newly completed and equipped with many high-tech facilities.

Dormitories are important centers of activity where students can form lasting friendships and have an opportunity to experience college life during their time at the Yonsei International Campus. Residential Advisors (RA) will live in the Residence Hall alongside the SUIC students. RAs are primarily drawn from Underwood International College students.

Dormitory rooms are designed for double and triple occupancy, with the majority being triples. SUIC students may select accommodation in a two or three person room when applying, and each RA will oversee around nine to twelve students.

Both full-board (Three meals a day) and breakfast-only meal plans are available. However, it is recommended that students choose the full-board option since the selection of food and restaurants are limited around YIC. While the cafeteria provides a variety of Korean and Asian cuisines with western inspiration, students can also grab a quick snack from the convenient store in the dormitory basement.

  Students may also choose not to reside in the residence hall. In this case, the dormitory fee will be waived.


 #. Overlooking the dormitory complex at the Yonsei International Campus.


Residence Hall Facilities: Dormitory Rooms

Each dormitory room is equipped with one bathroom, one shower stall with a bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, closet, and drawer for each student. Each room also has an air conditioner, a custom control temperature management system, and window blinds. Students need to bring their own bed sheet, blanket, and pillows, because the university only provides the mattress. However, students are able to rent sheets and a pillow from the administration office with a 30,000won deposit (refundable).

Students will use special card keys to enter the facility and activate the electricity in their rooms. When keys are inserted in the wall-slots, the doorbell lights up to indicate that the room is occupied. Students who have lost their ID cards are locked out of their rooms. In order to reenter the room, students must contact their RA or go downstairs to the security guard for help. A small penalty will be issued for the lost card keys from the third lockout onward. Remember to carry your card key with you at all times.

Students are expected to handle all residence hall property with care and will be held responsible for any damages.

Dormitory Rooms


Residence Hall Facilities: Community Rooms

In every floor, there are two community rooms where students can chat, study, and enjoy their free time by engaging in many activities. Though not all the community rooms are furnished equally, they all have a refrigerator, two air conditioners, benches, tables, chairs, a television, remote control, and a trash can. Some community rooms even have microwave ovens, water dispensers, and sofas for students to use.

Students can use the community room facilities for various purposes. For example, students can store food in the community room refrigerator. However, students are encouraged to label their food with sticky notes that have the student’s name, affiliated department, and room number to prevent possible confusion. In addition, students can play and watch movies, television shows, and sport events on TV. Students can also bring their personal video games and play it during their free time.

 #. One of many community rooms in the Dormitory.


Residence Hall Facilities: Dormitory Regulations

(1) Access Time

As a resident, you should follow the access time listed below:
    - Door opening time: 05:30 am-12:30 am.

(2) Penalty Points of Prohibition

When penalty points are accumulated to a certain degree, dormitory occupancy will be terminated.

 - Changing or swapping assigned rooms without permission
 - Breaking the access time rules
 - Duplicating and /or transferring ID cards
 - Allowing non-resident to stay overnight in the room
 - Entering the room of the opposite gender
 - Rowdyism in the dormitory
 - Using electric heater in the room
 - Smoking (including electric cigarette)
 - Receiving or opening others’ mails
 - Any acts of misconduct causing inconvenience to others living in the dormitory.

(3) Entry Passes

You should always bring your entry pass with you and present it upon request. A cost will be incurred for reissuing your lost entry pass.

(4) Fire Control and Cleaning

Residents are responsible for the fire control and cleaning the room. Please keep the shared public space neatly in order. Sort your garbage and throw them out to the designated place.

(5) Prohibition of the Electric Heating Instruments

All the electric heating instruments are prohibited in the room. (Electric rice cookers, coffeepots, refrigerators, electric irons, electric pads, heating pads, electric blankets, etc.)

(6) Door Control

When there is no one in the room, check all the safety issues and lock up your door. Keep valuables in a secure place. The residence is not responsible for any loss or damage of your valuables such as cash.

(7) Emergency

In case of an emergency, such as emergency patients, fire, or in inconvenient situations like disturbance, noise, breakdown of the facilities, you should contact the Dormitory Administrative Office and Security Office immediately.

* Dormitory Administrative Office: 032) 749-5103
* Security Office: 032) 749-5105 (open 24 hours)
* Equipment Management Office: 032) 811-9776 (open 24 hours)

End of Accommodation

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